Ok, so Randy made me this awesome hammock that I got yesterday and I spent the night in the basement trying to get it all setup with my DIY gear that I made for my Hennessy ED.

It all worked fine, I slept like a baby (A big loud baby) but after waking up and fiddling with my DIY UQ, I couldn't help but admire the quality of work Randy put into this hammock.

How could I put my ragtag UQ on this Cadillac? That would be like wearing a suit with a plastic bag as your rain gear...You can't.

So I just ordered a 20* incubator from Adam (Even though Jenny is holding the fort down while he's off saving all the dayhikers in the AT).

You have to match class with class and this Dangerbird is really a class act. Thanks Randy for making me an awesome hammock, and for making me embarrassed by my less than formidable DIYUQ.