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    Greetings from the Shenandoah Valley

    Hello all!
    I have been lurking these forums for the past month or so and have learned quite a bit. I am yet to purchase my hammock and tarp but I plan on it in about a week. I am new to hammocking and backpacking in general but have gone on a few day trips on some local trails. I look forward to doing some overnight trips during the summer and fall.

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    Welcome to hammockforums, hope you had fun , but... making your own gear is way better, and cheaper.

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    Welcome from Warrenton.
    The link is to a group hang about an hour north of you - you might want to stop in to check it out or stay a night. This will be a golden opportunity to learn a ton and see many optional methods/products first hand.
    I agree - Making you own gear is a great way to go. I don't sew - thus all my DIY is no-sew.
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