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Thread: Noob gear

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    Noob gear

    Grad student with three kids looking to join the hammock backpacking ranks. Got a cheap (grand trunk ultralight hammock) on the way but would like to buy a cheap suspension for it along with a tarp and I guess a way to secure it. Thanks for the introductory help.

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    I would go with Whoopie Slings - You can build them yourself for around $8 out of Amsteel or Dynaglide (how to here ) and a pair of tree straps will set you back about $8 and just use a marlin spike hitch ( ) and your all set for the suspension.
    When it comes to a tarp the Tadpole from Wilderness Logics is awesome and you could check with Brandon at for a blemished Edge Tarp. If he has them on hand you could get a great deal on an excellent lightweight tarp.
    If weight isn't much of an issue hit and pick up a tarp there.
    For a ridgeline for your tarp masonline or zing-it work great and since your trying to keep down costs you can check out the forums for several options on a hardware free ridgeline.
    All that said I have an extra pair of charcoal grey Amsteel whoopies I built just last week that I could sell you for $10 but if your needing an entire suspension setup you would be better off buying the whole kit from someone because shipping will start adding up pretty quick on the suspension and ridgeline.
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