I had a stock HH asym tarp that I was neverr going to use. I am slated to get a second HH Hex tarp. I have been wanting a winter tarp as I am becoming more interested in cold weather camping. The price was too steep for me to justify at this point.

I got the idea to use the HH stock asym fabric and cut it up for the doors on the Hex. I'll walk you through the process althoug I did not take a vid of this mod. The HH asym comes with a ring and mitten clip at the ridgeline tabs. Also at the asym pu;;out tabs so make sure you have the right one. Hook the mitten hook on to the suspension line for the Hex tarp as it is hanging. The short side of the asyn tarp is the same length as the side for the Hex tarp... Thanks Tom... that made it easier.

Pin the short side of the asym tarp to the side of the Hex tarp. Then pin the long side of the sym tarp to the edge of the Hex tarp. Mark the hex corner on the asym long side to have a measurement guide. Removing the asym tarp, end for end it and do the same thing on the other end of the hex.

Note: The stock asym tarp is a parallelogram, it is not a true rectangle. Pay absolutely no attention to the ripstop pattern. The whole project ends up off grain. Cut the asym tarp from one tieout corner to the opposite marking guide. Cut the other triangle from the other corner to it's opposite marking guide. That will leave you a parallelogram of extra fabric about 18" long by the width of the asym tarp. That is extra unused fabric. Toss it or save it... Up to you.

You have two triangles which will hang from the ridgeline of the hex tarp. The edge binding on the now cut up asym triangles matches the edge binding of the hex.

At this point you have a variety of choices for finishing the doors. They could remain on big door. I decided to cut from the middle of the base line almost to te apex of the top corner. .. making to doors attached at the top.

I applie edge binding, inside corner tie outs on the doors and ran a 30' strip of velcro up the opening to serve as a closing mechanism.

It has not been set up outside yet... But I hope to do that tomorrow and get some pics of the finished project.