Had another night out with Mr Punch and another of his boys Ben,early afternoon we had a bit of hail but the weather cleared and we had a clear cold night ,we watched the full moon rising with the silhouettes and shadows on the floor of the trees. At one point I managed to call an owl in from a good 200 yards at least using the two handed method,you could hear the owl answering my call closer each time till it sat in the oak right in front of us,twas the first time i have successfully managed it. Robin slept well in the hammock i made for him this week and there were no problems with the construction. Mr Punch and i sat till the wee hours chatting reminiscing and playing our musical instruments whilst feeding a hungry fire. A good nights sleep was had by all except Mr Punch who managed to actually fall out of his hammock........... with a little help from Stella.
I awoke briefly at 3 am with a ***** fox calling at the edge of the copse,it was possible to hear the fox moving by the calls which set every dog off for miles,and again at 6 am ish with the amazing dawn chorus which being the Bison farm is joined with many unusual bird types.
Breakfast was burgers and sausages and coffee,lots of coffee. Mrs fish joined us late morning as Mr punches pheasant stew was nearing completion in his awsome south African dutch oven and i was carving a bullroarer. After lunch we foraged and found loads of pig nuts ,Mr Punch managing a monster one the size of a 2 pence piece!
All in all another very successful night out,ille let the pictures do the rest:

friends. by fishfish_01, on Flickr

Robin in his new hammock. by fishfish_01, on Flickr

our camp. by fishfish_01, on Flickr

Robin by fire light. by fishfish_01, on Flickr

camp fire by fishfish_01, on Flickr

Erics cook pot. by fishfish_01, on Flickr

pheasantz stew by fishfish_01, on Flickr

carving the bull roarer. by fishfish_01, on Flickr

bullroarer work in progress. by fishfish_01, on Flickr

pig nut by fishfish_01, on Flickr

and a vid:

thanks for looking.