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    Talking BSA Spring Camporee

    Got a chance to hang out at the BSA Spring Camporee this weekend at Buckskin Reservation (Dilley's Mill, WV). Our tropp had 13 obys present including my son and we were part of the few hundred in attendance.

    Friday temperatures dropped to the 39-40 degree range at least in nearby Marlinton -- I was on top of a mountain a few miles away. I had not cold tested my PLUQ and awoke about 2 am to a bit of a cold backside. Could just be the PLUQ suspension, but I had my windshield sun deflector with fleece nearby and was toasty after adding it along with the PLUQ.

    I have read posts where several members stayed warm with the PLUQ at lower temps, but being on top of the mountain and fairly windy on a clear night sky may have contributed. I had to water a nearby tree anyway so it was no problem adding the extra insulation.

    Next day some of the boys said they heard a bear walk by and growl - suppose I did a little more than just water that tree must have been those baked beans !

    Rained the 2nd night sometime after 4 AM - I remained dry and toasty. Guess I should have put my crocks more under the tarp as they got wet - had my dry shoes in the troop trailer.

    A fellow dropped by camp to see who was hanging! I was trying to recruit a new HF member and found out he was already a member (GreenAkers) - didn't know him personally before Saturday but it was neat meeting someone from HF !

    Here is a photo of my weekend home. I had my sleeping bag hanging out in the fresh air on Saturday so I could take a the obligatory Scout Master nap while the boys were in merit badge class.

    Managed to catch a few fish on the fly rod at the lake too! Bad news is I broke the tip on my rod at home while moving it from the carry case to a 'safer' storage case. Entirely my fault, I sneezed with the rod in the air and hit a rafter in the garage.

    Still a good trip.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WVScouter View Post
    take the obligatory Scout Master nap while the boys were in merit badge class.
    Thats called Scoutmaster training in our troop. We make sure to keep up on our TRAINING at every oportunity

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