First off I want to reiterate on every post in this forum. BIAS is a great group. I spoke to Brian and he was extremely patient and helpful with this first time hammock user! Great customer service after I wanted to change my order. Highly recommended.

Trying to get an idea on tarps for these 11ft BIAS hammocks. I live in GA and it rarely gets below 20* in the winter. Now with spring and summer coming, i don't see the need for doors but would like to get add ons at a later time.

After searching around I see the favorites are the WL tadpole and the superfly by WB. I see WB had doorless tarps with aftermarket door kits. I read about grizbeaks too but haven't look into it more. I'm not a good DIYer so I'm happy to support a small business.

What size/kind of tarps are you using for your bias hammock. Pics/recommendations all welcome.

Oh - I'm not a big hiker but will be using this setup for cycle touring/ bike packing.