My Unnecessarily Complicated Hammock DIY project gives me quite a bit of latitude when it comes to attaching my quilt, so I thought I should ask what ya'lls' opinions are on different methods used to hang them. I don't have much experience in the insulation field, so I have no personal preferences (yet).

As far as I know, there are two general ways the quilts are slung;

1) Buttons, ties, or some other fasteners are used to attach the quilt at multiple locations on the sides and body of the hammock. To my thinking, this seems complicated, but likely to result in very consistent (but not tight) fit between the hammock and quilt. Are certain attachment types better than others?

2) A cable suspension using shock cord is used to tension a quilt against the floor of the hammock. Very simple, very fast, and probably more adjustable. But my hammock floor is more contoured than a simple gathered-end hammock, so getting a consistent fit may be more difficult. It seems like it could be either more, or less, windproof

The most direct solution is to make the quilt integral to the hammock body, but I'd like to do a lot of testing with my setup before the cold-weather adventure, and that means using it in Texas during the summer months. So a non-removable 3" quilt is a no go (related question; favorite bug net attachment methods)