It all started yesterday. Now 4 or 5 emails later and the deal is done. As has been said here many times it is a pleasure doing business with HG. Stormcrow worked with me, gave me his input and today I ordered a custom 40 degree Phoenix UQ. It will be 45 inches long and a full baffle wider. It should not weigh any more or less than a stock 40 degree Phoenix. I wanted to have a better fitting UQ as I'm big in the shoulders and chest. I was reluctant to make the leap and ask a bunch of questions. I hate to bother people who are busy. That was just me cause Adam was a bit excited to talk it over and design what I want. He really likes this kind of thing and it shows. Now to wait for mah baby! Thanks again to all who answered my cry for help in the other thread and thanks to HG for what they do and do so well! I'll do pics (somehow) when I get the new addition.