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When my son first got in his "fronkey window scarf bug net" he had trouble closing The bottom too. We broke rule #1 of new gear use. Test it out at home before you bring it out on the "trail"......Dumb A
The shock cord seemed "sticky", maybe the channel was too small, but in any case, I replaced the shock cord with 1.7 lash-it. Closes easily now.
I still need to make another bug net for another table cloth hammock I made.
I think I'll try the Bug Sock next https://www.hammockforums.net/forum/...ad.php?t=21063 with organza from Joann's, seems really light. I would use tulle, but the noseeums might get through. Just chicken I guess
Good point and I found the shock cord was too thick, it seemed to hanging up on the mesh on mine too, will try thinner shock cord or go to regular line. I think I will also sew the channel smaller, it seems to be trying to gather a lot of fabric and causing it to bunch rather than close.

I also have a new hammock that I can't seem to get the gather correct so I am trying all this at the same time at home before I take it out. The blackbird is always ready and waiting to go out.