Helow members. Great site. First off I'v no experience with tarps over a hammock so I claim ignorance. I need to make three tarps for three DIY hammocks. I'm thinking of trying various sizes for each tarp. What is a adequate length of overhang for the ends of the hammock for three season use, 12", 18". One size I'd like to try is 8'x10' hex with mild cat cuts on the bottom. Saving the leftover triangle peices to make add on doors for inclement weather. Since the fab comes in 60" wide I could cut the fab long enough for the 8' length resulting in the seam running perpendicular to the ridge line. I can't find silnylon in camo so I was thinking of doing the half for your head in the med grey and the foot half in black. I'm hoping this would break up the tarps outline some plus give better lighting for your head than doing it all in black. Has anybody tried this. If so do you have any picts. I'v also thought of making one as a octagon with mild cat cuts in it. The squared off end for the head would be rigged to be able to pull into doors if needed. Has anyone tried this design. If so did you like it and was if functional.Thanks.