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    seam sealing advice

    Hi all,

    I've searched the forums but haven't found an answer to my question. I am hoping to seam seal some Tyvek (type 1422a) and some PFTE, but am having trouble figuring out what to use. To further complicate things, I am in New Zealand so may not have access to some of the brands/products that are so prevalent at Northern latitudes.

    A "low surface energy" liquid sealer or adhesive tape would be great, but I can't figure out what would actually stick to PE (I don't know where to get Tyvek tape in New Zealand) or PFTE.

    I'd prefer not to use heat-applied seam tapes as I don't fancy my chances using an iron.

    Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

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    Hey Jono, not sure what method Lost_Biker uses but he has made me a tarp and seam sealed it. If you don't get a response from him it may be worth your time to PM him and ask.

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    Thanks Nick, I'll see if I get any replies and will send a PM if necessary.

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