I was lucky enough to have a new hammock pillow made for me by JunebugDawn. I receiced it through the PIF Thread and had the option to have the pillow made in one of three ways, soft, medium or firm. I also had the option of having the pillow made in RealTree Camo Fleece, Woodland Camo Ripstop or a conbination of both. If you have ever seen the travel pillows designed to sit around your neck you'll have an idea of the shape of the pillow. I told JunebugDawn that I'd post a review of the pillow after using it on a section hike. Well all I can say is the pillow was perfect. I chose an all Woodland Camo Pattern, the firmness was spot on, in between soft and firm, and the shape of the pillow provided neck support while I slept, which pretty much kept me from snoring. I also liked the fact that I didn't lose the pillow while sleeping. Packing the pillow was easy, it went into the pack first followed by my top quilt. Everything else was then packed on top. I'll have to put the pillow on the scale to get an exact weight, but I'll say it was just a few ounces and well worth the it for the comfort.