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    Warbonnet Gear Video - calling out to WB fans

    Perhaps we can pull off another HF Video first, .. a group effort video.
    I would like to create a Warbonnet Video to showcase the products and direct people towards HF and the warbonnet site. Nothing too in depth. A couple minutes in length at most. Just something to flash at anyone unfamiliar with WB products, give a bit of information, and direct them towards sales and service.

    Brandon is far too busy making all this gear, so I thought it would be cool if the fans showed their support by helping to market the products and get some exposure for him.

    So here we go ....

    List of Needs: -

    I REALLY need some new theme music. I spent hours sifting through native war drums, chants, songs, flute etc. I need something catchy and inspiring. Something to set the feel of video, and only a couple mins in length. post links for your ideas or at least song titles I can look up and sample.

    Looking for cover art shots for the Warbonnet Yeti and Superfly and Blackbird. I did a little example transition in the video for the blackbird. Any creative types out there, submit me your still image with or without titles.

    Lots of Photos. specifically if we could showcase WB gear as stand-alone. I realize this is probably not possible, and we will get some WB gear shots combined with products from other manufacturers.

    Where is Warbonnet Outdoors at with a company Logo? We need one for advertising badly. I have some ideas, but please feel free to critique and add your own thoughts.

    Also Need some clever marketing 'one-liners'. Sum up your thoughts on Warbonnet Gear. How would you sell a friend on it?

    Lastly I am open to any and all ideas on presentation. Got any idea at all... let me know. I will do several edits until we create a finished product we are happy with.

    Just to get the ball rolling and help inspire your creative juices What follows here is a VERY very rough draft of just some random thoughts and my own submissions. Just some logo ideas, some transitions, a cover art example for the blackbird hammock, and the really bad music im not happy with. but its better than showing with no music.

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