Hey guys, I'm new to the world of hammocking and, like most newbies, I could use some advice.

I have an ENO Doublenest that shows great potential. I'm 6'2", 260 pounds and it fits very well.

My question involves suspension. I went to my local shop and bought a set of Atlas straps. Before using them, I found the Kammok Python straps online and purchased them to compare them.

The Atlas straps are better via the eye test. They fold up nicely and the bag has plenty of space for them. They are also a little thicker and the loops are nicer. Problem - Weight limit is 200 lbs. each.

The Pythons are a little longer and are supposed to hold 250 lbs each. The problem - they don't roll up nicely. You just kinda have to wad them up and stuff them in the bag.

My first setup was just using 550 paracord to test out the hammock, but the paracord snapped on me. That's made me wary of my system because I'm a heavier guy.

What do you prefer, Atlas or Python? And feel free to pass along any other advice for big boys.