I am on the waiting list for a Dangerbird but I am having a difficult time deciding whether to upgrade to the TB or not. Here are my issues:

I like the DB because I can get it with multiple zippers so that it can be unzipped from the middle (I have it configured so it will unzip from the middle on the left only and from the top on the right). I also somewhat like that you can attach both covers and have the netting over your head and tc over your feet (granted a gap in between the two), but this is not a deal breaker.

I like the TB because I can remove the top cover and/or the netting and reduce weight/ pack volume in the seasons where I don't need them.

Ideally, I could have both removable covers and multiple zips, but that is not an option so this is what I am considering - I am thinking about going with the TB but my concern is reaching the zipper to close all the way up by the head end. I am 5'6" and don't have the reach of many. I consider that if I have to schooch around in the hammock to close, it could possibly make my UQ move off my shoulder, etc. To open the zipper, PapaSmurf puts a pull tab on the inside zipper for ease of reach.

I am thinking about putting a micro biner at the head end around the RL to be used as a pulley and attach some lightweight cord to the zipper (detachable), up through the biner. This way, I could pull on the cord to zip the zipper up to the top. I was also thinking about some "dutch clip" or loop that the cord could pass through so I could find it in the dark.

Anyone ever done something like this or have other suggestions?