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    Arrow Group buy for wide InsuLite 1/2" Sleeping Pad

    Never mind I found an alps mountaineering pad that 30x77x5/8" that I can just order.
    Plus you can find them cheap on amazon and other sites on the web. Once I get it I will post my thoughts on how well it works.

    Fellow hammockers,
    I like using a pad in my bridge hammock, but I have had 2 issues 1. I want a pad wider than 25" and 2. my 3/8" pad isn't warm enough below 40 degrees.

    Due to these issues I asked Lawson Outdoor Equipment if I could order an 1/2" InsuLite pad that is 30" wide. They said to make it worth doing they need orders for 16 of them, so I thought I would see if there is enough interest. It would also cost ~$40 plus shipping for the larger pad.

    Here is the link to the regular InsuLite pad

    It weights 16.8 oz and if I did my squarefeet calculation correctly a 1/2" x 74"x 30" the wider pad should weight in at 21 oz.

    Post to this list if you are interested.
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