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    WTT: DIY Grizz Bridge/Jam Backpack

    UPDATE: After hearing some trade offers, sale offers, having some discussions, etc. I ended up selling the Jam backpack. As for the hammock, it is no longer for trade, but I will re-post it for sale later this week. Thank you.

    Want to Trade

    Items I am willing to part with:

    DIY Grizz Bridge
    I have a Grizz Bridge hammock made of brown 1.9 ripstop nylon with dynaglide UCR suspension system and 2/3 removable bug net. Includes Easton spreader bars, dynaglide ridgeline, stuff sack. Total weight for total package: 24.5 ounces.

    Background: I received this hammock in a trade for my TTTG Switchback hammock. KRSHome made it. It is used, but in fantastic shape. I only used it a couple of times myself. I liked it so much it inspired me to make my own bridge hammocks. I’m parting with this one because I made my own and would like some other gear to supplement my kit. This one is far superior to what I have made (it's part hammock, part piece of art!) but I'm fond of my personal DIY projects, so this one is up for trade.

    I can verify lengths, etc. For reference, I'm 6'1" and I fit very comfortably. The spreader bars will hold lots of weight, over 200 lbs, I'm sure. I can send more information if interested.

    Golite Jam Backpack
    Color: Blue (Golite calls is Sapphire/Grease)
    Size: Men's Large, 50 Liter.
    This is the 2010 model (to my knowledge).

    Background: I’m into lightweight backpacking and thought this pack would fit nicely into my backpack options. It is used, but not much. I never used it on a backpacking trip, just loaded it with gear to try on, etc. It’s a great pack, but I keep going back to my GG Mariposa backpack. Plus, I recently refurbished an old external frame pack, so the Jam is just clogging up my gear closet.

    Items I am seeking in return:
    A full length 20 degree underquilt.
    A full length 40 degree underquilt.
    Please PM me with any offers you may have on one or both of these items. I’m more than willing to listen trades that involve the above items + cash, etc.

    Michael (SoCal Mike)
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    Last edited by SoCal Mike; 05-13-2013 at 08:52. Reason: Pack is sold; Will re-post hammock for sale

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