Hey guys,

I love my first DIY hammock. Its a simple single layer 1.1, hunter green human-swallower. Its wide and long and just super comfortable, compact, and light. But it has so much static electricity build up on it that its kind of ridiculous. Every time I get out of it, it sticks to me like glue, and snap and crackles as I pull it off. Its not a huge deal other than the fact that it picks up all sorts of debris and dog hair from the charge.
I tried rubbing it down with some dryer sheets. That made it smell nice but did nothing for the static. I also tried spraying it with Static Guard, but was afraid to get too much on it because I wasn't sure how it would affect the fabric. My next solution is to toss it in the dryer with a big handful of dryer sheets and maybe a tennis ball to help move it around. But I really don't want to take all the suspension off to do that.
If anyone has any magic tricks to de-static a hammock easily, please let me know. Any other ideas are welcome.