First off, Thanks to everyone for all of the great info available here! I have been lurking for a long time and haven't needed to ask any questions because everything was covered.

I did see another post about a few places:
The Foothills Trail at laurel falls
Standing Indian loop
Neel Gap near Blood Mtn
or Amicalola SP near Springer Mtn.

I am doing my first backpacking hike with my little brother the second weekend in June. I am looking for a good 3 day hike high enough in altitude to get to some cooler temperatures at night. Preferably a loop and within 4-5 hrs drive from Macon GA. This will be our first backpacking trip so I do not know what a good distance should be. So all suggestions are welcome and I will look into em. So far the Standing Indian Loop looks like it fits the bill but if anyone has any other suggestions that should be nice and cool at night that far south please let me know.