Ok now, strange thing happened. I really surprised myself last night and put in a bid on a sewing machine on EBay. I was kind of hoping to not get the high bid in a way (fear of the unknown?), then of course I was the highest bidder. Now I have a sewing machine being shipped to my house. The shipping costs more than the machine. I'm more than a little embarrassed to say I didn't even think of shipping when I made my bid (so be careful out there). My wife is being supportive. I tried to tell her about all of the things I'll be making with it.

I'm really excited about getting started making some "stuff". I think I'll start with some kits first, a ray-way backpack maybe... and I'll of course continue to need lots of advice once I learn how to set up and run the sewing machine. At least I'm in good company here.

Blackbishop, would you mind taking a look at it when it gets in and maybe show me some sewing machine setup tricks? Hopefully the thing will come with a manual.