Just a quick question... I purchased a Jarbidge from a hammock forum member last year, and have gotten to use it a couple of times now. One thing that I've noticed is that the suspension shock cords that extend from the ends are way too short. If I attach them to the end of my hammock they are too tight. I'm wondering if all Jarbidges come that way or if the PO switched the shock cords, maybe for use with the triangle thingies?

I'm thinking that the tightness of the UQ is also sapping some of its insulating power, because I used it last weekend in conjunction with 2QZQ's UQP with a low of around freezing temperature and I was not warm and toasty like so many people have reported. I was wearing pretty warm clothes and was fine on the top side of me but was getting chills on my back. Just wondering if loosening the tension of the suspension might help this?