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    Good journey whitefoot!
    Trust nobody!

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    A few days of reading lead my around the same block a few times and remarkably often to sail making sites.
    Over thinking it of course wont lead far without any experience, so i'm close to being satisfied enough

    Dyneema/Spectra's strength is apparently a nuisance to the looms and associated machines,
    several manufacturers seem to have stopped or at least rolled back their production due to this.
    guysmiley, do you have a source for Dyneema fabric? I could only find Nylon with Dyneema Ripstops

    Quote Originally Posted by LostCause
    I did a DIY tarp and I treated the base material with a product called UV-block by ATSKO before treating it with the silicone mixture.
    I haven't had a chance to prove it's potential just yet, but I do plan to.

    I have some scrap material that was treated and I plan to do a test with some untreated fabric to see how well it holds up.
    Any findings yet? Did the Silicone soak in and stick just aswell as on untreated fabric? This sounds interesting!

    As Spinntex is Sil-Poly-RipStop i'm considering to try siliconizing some Polyester, still on the lookout for a Poly RipStop supply in Europe though.
    Gathering more impressions on Spinntex really confirmed Cannibals experience aswell

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    I think that most people over-estimate uv damage. I built a vestibule for my tent out of 1.1 oz Silnylon 3 summers ago. I work at a summer camp so live in my tent. After two years of constant use (May till August) and occasional use last year (maybe 30 nights) the fly is finally showing its age. I don't think I would trust it for another month long trip.

    So yup UV damage does happen but it took over 200 days of being exposed for it to significantly damage my stuff. I don't think anyone would think it is unreasonable to replace gear after 5000 hours of use.

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