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    pads, foam
    As a ridge line steel can be hard on the head... just saying plan your heights accordingly.

    12 ft apart will let you hang your hammock but you will not need much for suspension. translate to you can hang lower at the pole for the same hammock height but you probably cannot test your whoopee slings.


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    In my expirience, steel polls bend and are not very sturdy when used for hammocks. I buried a 4x4 about 4 feet in the ground so there was 8 feet sticking out, and cemented it in. It has held up great so far. As for making a hammock, there is such a wealth of information here Im not even going to try explaining the different types and how you would go about building one. They are easy enough to make, however there are also plenty of cheap options if you wish to buy one.
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    If you're into landscaping any at all, a couple of Arbors 12 feet apart with climbing roses, clematis, or other nice climbers with a pole in between the outer most posts to make the load vertical and then hang your hammock from those.

    Or, just build a turtle dog stand and make it portable. Doesn't take any time to setup and your hanging in no time.

    However, do the Arbor right and you could have shade built in, that would be handy.
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    Everything you need to know about Hammocks in vids and reading:
    Hammock in 3 minutes D. Hansen - It really is this easy to make a hammock
    Shug's Hammock Newbies videos - Takes you buy the hand and shows you in video
    The Ultimate Hang D. Hansen - now read about everything
    JustJeff's Hammock tutorial - more reference
    TableclothFactoryBlanks - shorter lengths available on sidebar
    The TurtleDog Stand thread - Hang anywhere.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tophat View Post
    To bring up an old subject...I salvaged some 1" tubing from work, finally got enough pieces welded together (my welding looks like poo by the way, amazing what paint will do to hide it) and used them as a "top" support. Attached is a pic of the final product and a pic of the sun setting from a couple of hours later in the hammock.

    A little more background and a couple more pics...I used 2 50lb bags of the quick drying concrete for each 10' 4x4 post that is sunk in right at 30". For the metal tubing, I used a 1 1/8" spade bit to drill in 1" on each post to hold the tubing in (the posts are 15' apart, welded the tubing to make a 15' 2" section and squirmed the tubing into the holes)

    If I were to do it again, I would probably use 2 80lb bags of the regular drying stuff per post and I believe that would eliminate the top post scenario completely but keep in mind, if I hadn't got the metal tubing, I would still feel fine without it.
    Looks good, I like it

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