Thank you, thank you, thank you to Jenny and everyone at HG.

The 30D ACU Digi Camo Incubator 20* you made for me is, in a word, awesome.

HG Incubator 20.jpg

I thought I knew how amazingly light it would be; had no idea. I thought I knew how warm it would be; clueless. I was hoping I would have it by father's day and you got it to me in less than two weeks; amazing.

You made me feel like I was the only person you were making a UQ for in the country (which I know is not true) and that I was the only person you cared about getting taken care of. When I think of the trials your family have endured in the past month, I am, in another word, humbled.

You have gained a loyal and very loud customer for the rest of my hiking, camping and hanging days (I have it on good authority that God will provide me the most amazing trees to hang from in heaven).

Obviously over the moon about my UQ and loving every minute of it.

Be blessed and know you all are in my prayers.