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    Cohutta Wilderness, May 25-27

    Hey, some buddies and I are planning a trip thru the Cohutta next weekend starting at Three Forks and ending at Beech Bottom. Do you think we need to bring two cars to stage one at Beech Bottom, or could we drive just one car to Beech Bottom and get a shuttle from there to Three Forks? I have no idea if there are any shuttles in the area or how popular it is.
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    If I were you I wood take two cars . Not shour where three forks is . But beach bottom is pritty remote. Been there lots of times. Peple who hike there is ok , but that road is a drive threw road and not very beasy.lts not worth the ceans. Any ways happy hanging and have a good time
    I fill after a long hike , a good supper , good company with friends around a fire,waking up in a hammock sour the next morning , is a good day. Happy hanging

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