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    HF Flag Orders

    The HR Flag order is on hold due to low demand.

    **Don't freak out if you have already sent money!** I have an alternative, and will provide flags for everyone who already sent money.

    Here's the situation. Less than a dozen people have requested a flag. Clearly, the HF community demand for HR flags will be spread out over months and years, not weeks. We need a method of producing flags that matches our low minimum order quantity. Basically that means we can either make them ourselves, or find a screen printer who will agree to do small batches. I am hopeful that we will be able to do both.

    Today, I reviewed the details of DIY flag construction with my friend, who is a professional marine canvas fabricator. I will soon have a DIY kit, as well as a price for a finished flag using the kit.

    On Monday, I will find out the cost of screen printing small batches.

    Please accept my apology for having to restart this effort. If you will bear with me, I will have plenty of HF flags at Hot Springs!

    - MacEntyre

    ************************************************** ****************************
    Folks, I can't wait to see pictures of HF Flags flying from hammocks all over the world!

    Click on this thumbnail image to see what your HF Flag will look like:

    The flags will be available at the SEHHA Hot Springs gathering. If you pre-pay by check or USPS MO I will reserve your flag. For those not attending Hot Springs, I will ship at cost plus $3. The price per flag is $15. One dollar from each flag will be donated to Hammock Forums. I'm sorry, but I cannot accept PayPal.

    These light weight nylon flags are 12" X 18", with one white nylon taped edge holding two brass grommets. They will be "digital printed", which is a dye process. The dye goes all the way through the fabric, so the back will have a mirror image of the front. That means the text will be correct on one side, and backwards on the other.

    Your cost is dependent upon how you want to use the flags. Here is how to order:

    A) Flags to be Sewn Onto a Tarp - For a flag to affix to your tarp, hammock, or the back of your jacket, just order one flag. If you first want to remove the tape and grommets, get out your seam ripper and carefully remove the tape, then hem the edge. $15 each

    B) Flags to be Flown - DIY - For a Do-It-Yourself flag to fly, with correct text on both sides, order two flags and sew them back to back. You will have to first remove the tape and grommets from one flag, but you can hem the exposed edge as part of the process of stitching the two together. $30 each

    C) Flags to be Flown - DIY NOT! - For a ready made flag to fly, with correct text on both sides, order two flags and include $15 for sewing. Let me know that you want me to put them together for you. The flags that I construct will have a gossamer insert between the two sides to keep light from shining through, both sides hidden under the taped edge, and four rows of stitching for a fray resistant trailing edge. $45 each

    Just PM me and tell me what you want.

    **Be sure to let me know whether you will pick it up at Hot Springs**

    I'll answer any questions, and confirm your order in my reply.

    - MacEntyre
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