It works great. It does have a few marks on it from use but it doesn't affect its function in anyway. This thing works great and I never leave the truck without it. I used the same model (not the one I'm selling) during a deployment to Afghanistan and it held up to abuse and performed flawlessly. I'm only selling/trading it because I have two of them. It comes with an extra strap and the cord to connect it to your computer. By the way, Garmin has free software called BaseCamp that I use to sync all of my tracks, routes and way points as well as trip data like MPH, Elevation, total moving time, etc. It's totally free, totally awesome and easy to use. Using my computer and BaseCamp software, I like to plot items like: way points, forks in the trail, scenic lookouts, and other important places I want to check out. Then I send them to the GPS and it works like a champ.

I'd be interested in trading for an underquilt (20-30 degree) or lightweight tarp.

The cheapest I can find it new is $180 +shipping. How's $145 TYD?

Here's a link to the features

And here's some pics