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    NanoTechnology Tarp Reinforcement !!!

    Check out this Kevlar based reinforcement material...

    Some may of heard of is expensive too, around 55 euros/m2.

    But you can get reasonable size patches (50cm x 30cm) of it from this site in Finland for 7 euros.

    Plus if you are in the US you will not pay the VAT so it is only 5.74 euros. (or 7.31 USD)

    It is quite heavy 190g/m2 (6.7oz to you in the States)
    But for reinforcement it should not matter too much.

    So their English isn't too good...OK!

    By the way for us in Europe this website is a godsend. They have lots of gear materials. In the 'US' you have more materials on your doorstep it seems.

    Schoeller Thin Keprotec with NanoSphere®, non-coated, 50cm x 30cm

    (5.74EUR VAT 0% )

    The best reinforcement material - Keprotec! Great material to be used on reinforcements on clothing. Suitable also for grear projects like backbags, packbags etc.

    This quality is light weighted reinforcement material but still extremely durable. Slick surface. Water and snow resistant but not totally waterproof. Snow doesn't stick on it at all. UV-protected.
    NanoSphere® - it’s naturally self-cleaning. Splashes and annoying stains don’t have a chance: ketchup, honey, coffee, red wine, oil and grease, as well as water of course, simply run of the nano-surface-even after numerous washes.

    Weight: 190g/m2
    Composition: 28% AR(Kevlar®), 72% PA
    Color: black

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    schoeller®-keprotec® was developed over fifteen years ago for motorcyclists’ clothing...

    Fabric components: Cordura®, Dynafil TS-70, Kevlar®, polyurethane
    What's Nanotech about it, I wonder?
    stains ...simply run of the nano-surface...
    I thought those fabric components were just normal fibers.
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    WBBB Line/Strap
    What's the difference between backbag and a packbag ><

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    According to Shoeller's website on the Nanosphere treatment it only serves as a water and dirt repellent.
    They do state it is highly abrasion resistant, i don't think that contributes much to the fabrics strength
    but more to the treatments durability though

    Keprotec is a mixture of Kevlar Cordura and Dyneema fibers ,although it sounds like a very interesting fabric
    i think "simple" Cordura might be a better choice than such a highly specialized product simply due to the price and i don`t think a Tarp reinforcement would benefit much from Keprotec over Cordura. That's only my 100% theoretical opinion though

    190g/m² equals 5.6oz/yd² btw

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