I have been picking up a few things off of 2qzq in probably the last month or so. I first started small, 2 pocket organizer for the spare hammock and a peak bag for my DB. Those came out great, the organizer was a nice touch for my GT UL, and the peak bag is amazing! i was able to fit all kinds of goodies in there, down jacket, BR Hadron, gloves and a book.

I was super happy with the service i decided to dive in further ordered an UQP and a set of doors on my WL BD tarp. I only got the doors on one side since im always hiking with my dog, baxter. they both came in the mail today turnaround was super quick and i had speedy delivery. the workmanship is topnotch. i love the black doors on my brown tarp, but it does look a bit unbalanced i may have to end up sending it back before next winter to get the other side done!