Got out for the holiday weekend to test out some new gear, wasn't expecting 49* at night on memorial day weekend! The specs:
The site:
Cedar Point CG, part of the Suffolk county camping system
Resident fees are $15/night not bad! The sites on the perimeter have many trees to hang from, and there is a bike hotel area. The rules and regs do say that you are not allowed to hang tarps and such from trees, but I think that is for the dummies that nail tarps into trees, I haven't been hassled...there is a nice camp store that cooks food and sells basic sundries, located on peconic/gardiner bay across from shelter island, great opportunities for dayhiking, fishing (fresh and salt), kayaking, beachcombing, duck hunting in season, geocaching, etc. Montauk point is about a 1/2 hour drive, and the hamptons scene is nearby if your into that...
The gear:
Everything performed well, I was afraid my kelty Noah 9x9 wouldn't cover me for the rain at the ends, and it did well! Although it did not rain sideways! If it did I imagine it would not perform well, eventually I will replace it with a mac-cat, the no-sew pinch liner UQ performed like a champ! I do need to tweak the attachment points, I will be making triangle thingies to help with that. No CBS! I used a poncho liner as a top quilt, that wasn't too good, lots of cold spots, should've brought a mummy bag for a TQ. The fosters pot and bios stove heated water as expected and performed well. I can proudly say I was the only camper in the entire CG in a hammock! I did get some strange looks from passerbys...

I ended earlier than expected, it just wasn't fun in the cold wet wind...some pictures...enjoy!