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    Quote Originally Posted by Mrprez View Post
    Hopefully not too long. The first production KAQ is in the box for shipping tomorrow (will go on a Claytor). The 2nd will be right behind that and then one for a Speer. If I had a BB to play with........the only thing that has me puzzled on the BB is that footbox. I'd need to see one up close to figure out how to cover that area.

    I will most likely be looking at making this a 1/2 to 3/4 length UQ and not a full length one like the KAQ Potomac.
    As a future Blackbird owner (March 10!!!!), i am VERY interested in a full length KAQ. Figure the foot box out soon and you will make a ton of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$. I looked all over the KAQ site, but no weights were listed. How much does each model weigh?

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