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Thread: My big fear

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    Maybe I need to practice setting up a tarp....... Just one more thing to play around with......

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    False Evidence Appearing Real

    We make up a lot of stuff in our heads. A little cognitive restructuring or rethinking our assumptions makes a big difference. Risk and fear is more about perception rather than reality. I paddled some class II and III water this last week solo. My biggest fear, reality based I would say, was the interstate driving home.

    Do it, relax and enjoy it.
    “Things are as they are. Looking out into the universe at night, we make no comparisons between right and wrong stars, nor between well and badly arranged constellations.”
    ― Alan W. Watts

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    Quote Originally Posted by FBG View Post
    If you're confident in your setup, you have packed your gear accordingly, and you're aware of your surroundings when choosing a campsite I'm sure everything will go swimmingly.
    She's going to be on an island in the middle of the Inland Sea. I'm not sure "swimmingly" is quite what she's hoping for...

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    Quote Originally Posted by adventuregirl View Post
    Maybe I need to practice setting up a tarp....... Just one more thing to play around with......
    Exactly: practice tarp and hammock tied to the trees and also tarp set up on the ground with hiking poles. Or, on the ground tied to small trees, too small to hurt you and probably too small to hang from, but still fine to tie a tarp to, even if just one end, with the other tied to a hiking pole. But when armageddon does not happen or threaten, there you are hanging from your hammock. Which will probably be 90+% of the time. But if you think it is getting dangerous, you are safe on the ground just like you were before you ever thought of hammock hanging!

    A lot of us had switched to tents from tarps before discovering hammocks, so it is all 2nd nature. All going to a hammock required that was new as far as shelter goes was hanging the tarp a bit higher, so that there is room to hang the hammock.
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