Hello to all from Sweden.

As i am a spanking new hammocker, broke the ice this weekend, i turn to the collective competence of HF.

I had my first night hanging this Friday and i used my DIY hammock and UQ.

After maybe two hours och excellent sleep i woke freezing my butt of.
I wasn't cold outside, mybe like 59 degrees and i had i small breeze.

The UQ is made from a sleepingbag with a 41 degree comfortlevel so that puzzled me quite a bit. I've tried the setup at the comfort of my home and at that point i was getting really warm, almost sweating.
My theory is that i had to much tension on the UQ and my body compressed the insulation to a point that made it useless.

Any experiences on having to much tension om the Quilt?
I'm planing a little longer hike within a couple of weeks and i really want to sleep in my deluxe sleeping arrangement, but not if i'm gonna be cold and miserable.

/ Newbie-hammocker-from-Sweden