years ... many years ago, i started learning to sew w/ the denim pieces we ended up with when we made cut off shorts

heavier & basically free

marble bags, tool bags, fishing reel bags, gear bags...

most had draw strings, though some had tie strips attached

the material was easy to sew & the finished product wasn't intended to be a fashion piece

cheap cotton thread was my only expense

as time went on, the projects became more important & the materials began costing $$$

the above is written to emphasize the importance of beginning simply & slowly graduating to more intricate projects, w/ finer materials

stuff sacks, stake bags, tool bags... etc would be easy to begin with

as for the machine, i would follow the suggestions in the links, above, & look for a good used one

hopefully you will be able to hook up w/ an original owner who will show you that/how it works and lead you thru a couple easy stitching samples

i was in a sewing shop just 2 days ago(Moriarty, NM) where there were several injectors under $100 and the shop owner would take you thru their paces, if you bought from him

i was lucky to stumble into that shop because he had new leather belts to fit my 100 year old Singer Treadle machines, which are slated to begin my 1st DIY HAMMOCK PROJECT

GOOD LUCK w/ your quest