My first several attempts with this design was to make a single-point chair I could suspend from a tree limb. I never could get it to work without a spreader of some sort, which I wasn't going to take backpacking.
I retrofitted my hammock chair to use two trees. The head section of course is on the right. To use it you step between the two purple paracord strings on the left, sit, and lay back. It knots to the trees really quickly. I need some lighter weight rope, all i had this time was my old Hennessy Hammock ropes, which were very durable but bulky and heavy. The chair is made with Jo-Ann rip-stop nylon with a dart in the butt end for shape. The rope attach points are 1" grosgrain ribbon, sewn into the rolled edges of the chair about 6 inches. The ribbon does not go from top to bottom. The sides are a rolled edge, about 1 inch wide, rolled twice.
In it's first field test it worked well. I just didnt have much time to lay in it.