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    Amsteel eye splice

    I was able to put eye splices into 3 and 4m amsteel. A proper splice should retain 90-100% of the tensile strength. In my setup the splice's are more for looks since I have used knots further down the line, reducing the strength at those spots.

    I figured some of you might want to try this out, if so these are the resources I used to accomplish the task. Different cord but I did use his fixed end splice for mine. Amsteel is a 12 strand class 2 cord.

    The 3m cord was pretty hard to splice, I'll bet with the right tools it would be a lot easier. The 4m was really easy. I know the 4m is way overkill, but the price was right. I am only using about 5 feet of it to attach a ring at each end of the hammock. Had I been able to get more than 18 feet of 3m I would have used it through out.

    1st pic is the 4m with eye splice
    2nd is the 3m eye splice. This heavy biner will be replaced. Also shows the 600lb polypro webbing purchased at $0.11 a foot from the clearance department at west marine. It feels really lite weight but long runs of it stretch A LOT.
    Pics 3 and 4 show the adjustable end. I'm not sure if the ring is really necessary but it will help shed water and makes an easy attachment point for other things.
    Pic 5 shows the cord running through the channel using a slipped bunt line hitch too the eye splice. If I ever have to set up on the ground I can easily do so. The part of the cord that looks frayed is actually the end of the splice inside the core
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