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    Annual Greenbriar River Trail Bike and Hang

    Where? West Virginia!! The Greenbriar River Trail Runs from Cass to Lewisburg.
    Mode? Bike camping.
    When? Ride begins Friday June 28. Riding ends Monday July 1.
    Who? HF members, their friends, family. (I don't know if pets are allowed)...

    We are arriving in Lewisburg Thursday June 27 late, motelling. Meeting at the trail head Friday morning for the approx 2.5 hour shuttle to Cass.

    Riding/hanging plans- Historically we've done this trip with 3 days on the trail actually cycling. This time we're doing it a bit different with 4 days actually on the trail. Why? Because we've learned that this trail needs not be rushed! We've done a lot of rail-trails and the Greenbriar is simply the best. The best riding surface, the best campsite, the best views and I could go on. So basically we're looking at 20, 20,25,15 ish miles/day.

    With these miles even a SINGLE speed will be nice to ride (that is a hint for a WVa member here). Also at these miles you can:
    sleep in
    take pictures
    read a book
    simply relax in a beautiful part of the world

    If you are new to bikecamping this trip is for you. It is the best surface of any bike trail we've done and it's downhill!
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