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    Shopping for down UQs

    So i currently have synthetic quilts from AHE, looking to lighten the load and shrink pack size with a switch to down. I camp in a variety of conditions, so i'm probably gonna end up getting multiple quilts eventually, plus i'm a warm sleeper so i don't want to carry more insulation than i need. I'm 5'7", so looking for shortened quilts mostly, but i'm starting my research and feel like i don't know what i'm looking for. It's not like i can go into a store and try them out, nobody else i know uses hammocks for camping.

    Basically, where do i start? What makes a "good" UQ good? What should i look for when deciding?

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    If you want to try before you buy go to a hang. But to help start you off, I have never heard a bad word about the quality of any of our vendors quilts so you don't have to worry about buying a bad quilt. You just need to figure out what qualities you want. Sewn though quilts are good for summer but when the temps drop you don't want sewn through. Different vendors offer different lengths and widths. If weight is an issue for you then that's something to look for. Different vendors also use different suspensions.

    Your best bet is contact a couple vendors and talk to them about what might work for you based on what you want, as far as coverage, warmth and weight. If you find something that strikes your fancy then come here and ask specific questions about it and the people that own them can help you out.

    And don't forget that some of them will completely customize you a quilt. Material, size features, everything.

    So the real question is what do you want? Do you want full coverage head to toe or are you ok with using a foot pad for your feet and legs? Are you broad to where you need your quilt to be wider to cover your shoulders? Do you toss and turn? If so you may want a TQ quilt with less taper. Do you want to be able to pull your TQ over your head or does it just need to cover your shoulders? Figure out what you need your quilts to do and then it'll be easier to find the one that does it.

    Or you could do it the easy way that doesn't involve much thinking and just buy something, try it, and if it doesn't work for you sell it and buy something different.
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