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But I just got an Ozark Trail brand fleece bag from Walmart for under $10. It has a 106" tooth zipper with two pulls in the standard sleeping bag style. Flip the sliders around and it'll work just like the TravelPod. Only separates on one end if you leave the stops on the end, but you can make it separate if you take the stops off and are careful not to lose a slider.
(Zipper discussion from Headchange's DIY HH thread. I was describing an inexpensive long zipper that can open in the middle, anywhere along the zipper, and still separate. For pics of this, see my TravelPod.)

I just removed the zipper from the bag today and flipped the sliders around. This brand is different from the Coleman zipper. It doesn't have the receiver at the separating end to hold the feeds together. Not a huge issue but I'll have to make sure the end can't come apart when it's closed. Maybe I'll add a little drawstring just long enough to whip around the zipper's end when it's closed. Or a little velcro flap maybe.

Regardless, it's still a 106" zipper for $10 and Joker has already claimed the extra fleece for his bedroom. And if I didn't want to flip the sliders around, it would work just fine and still be a separating zipper.

Hrm...maybe I should just add an extra slider on there instead of the other stuff. More versatility and sliders don't weigh any more than a snot rocket. Time to experiment!