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    diy sil argon camo
    whoopie slings
    Just a thought, a double layer warbonnet ridge runner would work great with an inflatable pad of some sort (a DAM) ---that way you would have the best of both worlds!
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    i have a blue walmart ccf pad that is simply too narrow to cover my shoulders.

    suppose i cut the ccf pad to 3/4 length and cut the short piece in half to make wings. then, glue reflectix sideways and across the top of the 3/4 pad and wings. therefore, the cross section of reflectix holds the wings in place. and then cover the remaining part of the 3/4 pad with reflectix. and sleep with the blue pad down. other than holding the wings in place, what additional benefit comes from the reflectix?

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    This issue (pad vs. underquilt) is one I'm interested too. I'll be doing the AT next year and I've heard there are places where hammock use is not allowed. I don't know how common this is. I love my Warbonnet UQ and would prefer not to carry a pad if it's needed infrequently. So if it's rarely (or never) needed, I'd like somethink small to just supplement the UQ.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slo View Post
    25 bucks at home depot will get you 4 six foot mats worth of reflectix which I think is about 3.8 r value per layer. Not as bulky as ccf with greater r value. Think your standard half inch ccf mat is 2.5. Nice cheap way to stay warm in winter. If you need you can cram it in your bag so it stays under you since it flexes way more than ccf.
    The R value on Reflectix isn't considering when you lie on top of it.

    Don't forget the pad extender method, where you use a sleeve to hold your 20" wide ground pad with foam extensions to add width (and flexibility) from shoulders to hips. Eno now offers the Hotspot pad extender. Pads aren't as cozy as an underquilt, but they remain the lightest alternative for both ground and hammock use.

    You could add an undercover a la Hennessy Supershelter and stuff some space blankets between hammock and the undercover. You can buy the foam pad from the SuperShelter and haul that as well as your CCF pad.

    I use an undercover that doubles as a poncho and get the weight back as rain gear. Many long backpacker style ponchos can be adapted with shock cord in the ends to use as an undercover. 2QZQ sells undercovers in silnylon and uncoated ripstop ( It's much like layering with a windshirt or rain jacket.

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