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    KAQ mods..already

    My HH is the older non asymmetrical. My KAQ is designed with pull outs for the asymmetrical. Has anyone any tricks to modify the quilt to fit my system better? Im thinking of just sewing pull outs on each side at the middle of the quilt, but then, because of the symmetry of the quilt, Im thinking there might be a gap on each side. I also plan to use this quilt on my DIY top entry hammock. thanx,, bill

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    I would try attaching tie outs to the hammock rather than modding the quilt. Don't sew anything on until you try it. But the hammock body is a rectagle. The bug net might create a problem I don;t know.
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    What you'd have to do is to install your KAQ in the "cold mode" by wrapping the ends of the KAQ over the ends of the hammock. This will get it tighter on the sides and you shouldn't have any gaps.
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