Ahoy fellas,
I'm from Croatia, been registered and lurking this forum for like 2 years now.
I've been soaking knowledge so i can actually post something useful, so here i am posting my first post.
I know most of ya, well not really, but plenty, and none of you know me...
I'm 25 years old been a hammock camper for a bit less then 2 years, i DIY-ed my first hammock and it is still serving me well...

In the mean time, well actually few days ago i decided to make, sell, and promote the hammocks in my parts of Europe(at least for now),
too much ground dwellers in Croatia, someone has to put an end to it

Anyway, since I'm freed from shackles now, ill be joining ya with my comments on all topics.

Glad to be here for 2 years now.