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    Smile Newbe - looking for Clark Camo Tropic 2 - Ended

    I am amazed at what I'm seeing with these hammocks. I've been a Motorcycle tent camper for years and never ran across a camping hammock. Very cool stuff.

    With that said - and after reading a fug of a lot of info - I'm interested in buying a Clark Tropic 2 - Camo - with XL or larger tarp.

    I'm hoping there is a current owner looking to move on to some other configuration and willing to part with a good condition setup.

    Ya... maybe I'm nuts ... but from what I'm reading many of you guys have crossed the line too.

    I can only wait two days before my finger buys one off of Clarks website. I've been able to stop myself from pressing the buy button twice... but don't think I can hold off much longer.

    Let me know and thanks for considering helping a newbe get set up.

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    I apologize for the assumption there would be some availability on the specific configuration I listed.

    Though I had read a great deal, determined I'm not a DIY'er, prioritized my needs and reviewed many manufacturor's and their fundamental configurations, I didn't realize how new to the market the setup I outlined is. New in relative terms; as in there probably aren't many owners that have tired of the setup and want to jump to something else.

    Also, I didn't intro myself properly. Some of that may have been the tequila I was enjoying as I was reading about all the wonderful gear and stories of how well (or not) it works. Thanks for the many hours of enjoyment and education.

    I will be buying a configuration - hopefully very close to the one mentioned. I doubt I'll be able to spring for it at list price in the immediate future. If I wait two months I may be able to - lucky me. If not, I'll settle in for a less expensive setup. But I will be hanging this spring - one way or another! I have no doubt about the physical comfort. My main concern is being on the road and not finding a campground or camping area where there is something to anchor to.

    I'm a 55 year old male, 5'11" and around 220, in fairly good health. I love motorcycling, camping and fishing where I can sneak a pole to water. I have been camping solo for the most part, but my 29 year old son joined me last year and we both had a great experience so we will do more riding and camping together. Too many years since the last time we did that. I've shown him this website and he thinks its nuts! Like I tell him.... its my job to show him the wonders of the world. God... I guess I have to grow up too!

    In any event, I look forward to reading more on this subject and will more than likely run across someone somewhere hanging in the wind. When I do, I'll not hesitate to introduce myself and ask questions.


    PS - now how do I put an 'END' or 'Found' to this thread????

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    Did you ever find your clark?

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