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    Leki Ultralite Makalu Titanium Treking Poles

    $60.00 shipped.
    I have used these poles for a full year now, but they are in really good condition.
    Here is what they say about them:
    Leki Makalu Ultralight Classic Walking Pole

    The Ultralite Titanium Series underscores the "less is more" concept: the use of minimal shaft diameters and extremely light materials which amount to a 20 % reduction in weight. Ultralight poles use the same quality components and finishes of the Mountain Series, but have less rigidity and smaller hand grips, making them less suited to extended trips (a brief stroll to the local) made while carrying large loads. Also their maximum lengths are shorter and so some models are not recommended for people over 6 feet (1.83m) tall. New Ergometric grips enable the pole to be planted further from the body without over-reaching or bending the wrist uncomfortably far.

    All these poles use the Super Lock System. This allows for easy adjustment of the length of the poles, with only fingertip pressure required to lock securely. Specification includes; Length: 60-130cm; Material: Aluminium HTS 6.5; Grip: CorTec Compact Strap: Automatic Comfort Adjustment System: SLS (super lock system); Tip: Carbide Flextip with interchangeable basket system; Weight: 238g each. Sold as a single pole.

    These do not have anti shock tips. The carbide tips are sharp with no chips, the baskets are both in good condition. There are some scratches and normal trail wear, but work just like new.
    The tip of one of the handles has been altered to fit into a 1.5 inch steel ring that is in my bridge hammock, as shown in the picture blow-up.
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    I got a set of these they are very good poles, just used them this weekend!

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    I have the regular Leki Super Makalu's that I paid $60 for used. So $60 for the Ultralihts are a really good deal.

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    Could I buy those from you Mule? I'll need a pair eventually.

    If so, let me know where to send bucko's. No hurries here.



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