This years GBRT bike/hang. Nothing you haven't seen before EXCEPT maybe Mrs. WV.
Poof, Neutron, and I for the 3rd year ride along the river for 80ish miles and just marvel at one of the country's gems when it comes to rail-trails (or we wouldn't keep doing it over and over).
Our kick off began with WV showing up at the Caldwell terminus to bode us well and show off his design genius ( I'd like first dibs on the tarp he is working on).....
The cycling was uneventful as far as break downs, accidents, etc.-a good thing. The extra day added gave us nice camp time to swim. Perfect weather though it did rain all night long two of the 3 nights but each time stopped before we got on the bikes.
Some new gear. MAD777 roched me into a chair. It is so far beyond the stool I've been carrying I'm scratching my head trying to figure what I can do to the backpack to make up the difference (now dont say anything about loosing it off me!).
Anyway, its just typical MM style reporting until the last night when WV and Mrs. WV show up and surprise us at the campsite near Anthony. I know any who have met WV know he truly is gentleman and scholar who has given a lot to our community of hangers over the years; his wife is just a sweet and pleasant. Did I mention they had a bottle of wine AND 1.5L of springwater from the Cranberry Wilderness (the pump water sometimes really tastes like iron).
Also didnt mention it but we also got to meet Leo who was also sporting a wonderful personality.
Another LEO was seen for first time on the trail and we thought it good seeing the trail authorities checking out the trail.
Until next year