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    Quote Originally Posted by Smiley View Post
    Well there had been various bear warnings at this shelter so they were scared. So the cali boyfriend decided that he was going to be ready if a bear comes up. So he duct taped a 4 inch bladed knife to his hand. When we asked him what would have happened if he had an itch in his sleep, he said "oh I really didn't think about it. I just wanted to be ready for a bear." Obviously it does not take much imagination to why this would be a bad idea. But we teased the poor guy a bit around the breakfast fire.

    Whats your stories!
    sounds like a friend of mine he is so afraid of bears, that he is making a 6 ft long "spear" to take along bowhunting for self defense
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    Quote Originally Posted by plowhorse View Post
    ...he is making a 6 ft long "spear" to take along bowhunting for self defense
    Not too confident with his bow, eh?
    - MacEntyre
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cannibal View Post
    My yard in Florida was like a wildlife sanctuary. You've heard about the raccoon, but how many remember about the squirrel?

    One morning when I was still a new hanger, I woke-up in my hammock next to the house to the sound of a dog barking after taking helium shots. I opened my eyes and directly above me was a squirrel standing on my ridgeline with his (yes, I know for sure it was "his"; perverted little bugger) little claws digging into my netting and 'barking' at me! I didn't know if I should be amused or mad, so I decided to tip the scale towards 'amusement'. I slowly reached up a foot, or two, behind the mad squirrel and pinched the ridgeline between my fingers. As I gradually drew the ridgeline down like a stealthy bow hunter, the barking rose in pitch (like he knew what was coming). When I reached the point that I could no longer pull the ridgeline any lower, I let go.

    With a mighty "thwang!" my little furry alarm clock went sailing through the air about 15' or 20'. Landed on the ground, shot me a wicked dirty look, and took off into the wooded lot next to my house.

    I spent the next week laughing everytime I thought about it. At least I've now seen a flying squirrel, well, sort of.
    Jesus dude you're going to make me wake up my neighbors with a story that hilarious

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