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    ridgeline question

    I have a skeeter beeter pro, with carabineers can I attach ridgeline to the carabineers or should I go to the short cord at the gathered end of hammock that the carabineer is attached to, Also can I use 550 cord for the ridge line Thanks for your help

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    I can't answer the first part of your question with 100% confidence because I'm not familiar with that setup. I can tell you that without your net either over the ridge line or attached to it's probably not going to very comfortable or effective. In order for the net to be effective you need space between your skin and the net. Otherwise the bugs will bite right through it. To answer the second part of your question I've heard some folks say they have used paracord. Some even say mason line works. The favorite around here is zing-it or lash-it and that's what I use. It's small, light weight and wicked strong.

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    Paracord is great stuff......used in the application for which it was designed.

    Expect it to be on the heavy side. It was probably pretty light when it was invented, and probably still is for what it was and does.

    Expect it to stretch some because it's suppose to.

    Expect it to wick water, because when used in the application for which it was designed, that is not an issue.

    Expect it to eventually break under normal dynamic hammock loads, because it was never designed for one strand to support more than 500 lb direct load.

    That leaves P-cord available to be used in any Hanging application, where stretch, wicking, and structural soundness, is not required.

    For me that eliminates almost everything except for bracelets, belts, and handle wraps.

    And of course if I am air jumping into the Bay of Fundy trail, I will be glad to use lots of it!
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    I think Zing-It/Lash-It (same product different color) is best for a structural ridgeline. The reason: Extremely low stretch. So once you get the SRL dialed in, you never have to adjust it again.
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