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From those pics and others, it seems the Mogollon Rim country looks a lot like the Ochoco Mountains and other eastside ponderosa pine forests in central & eastern Oregon. 7000+ feet about= 4000 feet in central Oregon (?).
That's probably about right elevation wise for similar geography, though probably significantly wetter in Oregon ( no doubt). I have so many grand ( almost mystical)memories of the Mogollon Rim. Didn't Zane Grey write novels based on this area? We may make a trip there this fall to hunt quail in the Sonoran desert in Tonto Basin/Pumpkin Center at the foot of the Moggolon Rim for a couple of days, then drive up to the top, up a couple of thousand feet to the Ponderosa pines, Aspen and Spruce forests for a little cool weather hammock hanging.

The "Rim" is a cliff that runs for a few hundred miles, from central AZ into NM, and separating the lower elevation deserts from the high elevation forests, with a rise of from a few hundred to several thousand feet. It was like a magical mystery tour to camp right on the edge of a huge cliff in the dense forest, gazing down on the desert. It would be something else in a hammock.

I have heard of some massive forest fires since I lived there 25 years ago, I just need to find out where these burn areas are and avoid them.