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    Did you consider sewing the pocket to the underside of the hammock and making the external side "bigger", i.e. have it billow-out? I see where it looks like the pocket is just attached to the hammock along the zipper seem. I didn't know if it would be 'stronger' if the entire pocket was sewed to the underside of the hammock or not?

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    Quote Originally Posted by IhangnBankhead View Post
    I was looking at 2Q & ZQ's web site. I was looking at their ridgeline pocket organizer. And it popped in my head that if you had the zipper mod on your HH, you could add this pocket organizer on the outside with the zipper! Just unzip and reach in and get your stuff! If your seating just reach down and get your stuff! You can sew it down the side by the zipper! Or ask them to do it!! This should work!! Thanks for the replies on my pocket!! Thomas
    We kicked the idea around about putting the organizer outside the hammock sewn to the zipper tape but decided the "more secure" place might be on the ridgeline. Our thought was since it most likely holds your keys, wallet, mp3 player, headlamp, etc, it may "appear" more secure zipped inside the hammock. Plus, it can be moved up and down the ridgeline where you want it. The other reason was interference with an underquilt. If the organizer gets too big it may get in the way, not a problem in real warm weather perhaps, but for me, an underquilt is on most of the time.

    I like the idea of a "kangaroo pocket" but would want it at my legs/feet area. I would put clothes, certain gear, and stuff needed in the morning in it. Reaching in access while laying in the hammock, especially with my back, might be a problem however.

    The best I've come up with is the gear organizer pouch that suspends from the hammock suspension outside the hammock. Not as convenient, but holds everything up off the ground under the tarp.
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    Since I shortened my ridgeline by four inches to get a more comfortable lay on the diagonal, the fabric to the right of the head end is begging for an internal pocket set. It's like a wall, right there within reach. I've been tempted to install velcro tabs for holding my pillow, so it doesn't slide to the middle when I get in.

    I tried Shug's method of installing a stuff sack up into the head end, but it did not work well for me.
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